Mallie Marchess

Innkeeper, friend to PCs


Commoner 1


Mallie Marchess is a large, rather portly woman who runs the Barrow’s Edge Inn. She has a profound hatred for cruelty and evil creatures, as her husband was killed in an attempt to parley with the Howling Horde goblins when they were ruled by the blue dragon wyrmling, Noak.

Mallie is still learning to accept the goblins that killed her husband as a peaceful ally. She finds it difficult to get past the fact that they murdered her husband, who was only trying to make peace with them. The only reason she accepts them is that she was given the entire story by not only the party, but also the Howling Horde’s shaman Urtarr.

Mallie has a brother, Bron, who lives in Arax Point and runs an inn there. She keeps good relations with her brother, and they send letters and correspondence back and forth frequently. She told Bron to take extra special care with the party, since they saved Barrow’s Edge and brought about the Goblin Treaty.

Mallie Marchess

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