First few sessions

We’ve had a few sessions so far, before I found out about Obsidian Portal, so I’ll be giving quick recaps of what happened by combining a few sessions into blog entries.

The party was like this at our first session. We had a halfling cleric of Kord named Lupine, a human paladin of Dhlorm (my campaign’s version of Bahamut) named Naethanyl Pall, and a half-elf scout named Fien. They were on the road to Barrow’s Edge, answering a call for help sent out from the town. On the way, they met a halfling merchant, Sten Goodseller, who was beset by goblins. The goblins had attacked her wagon full of goods.

The party handily bested the goblins, killing several outright and knocking another out. After the battle, Sten invited the party to go along with her to Barrow’s Edge, as her elven escort had been wiped out by the goblin force. The party bound the surviving goblin, stabilized him, and brought him along in the wagon.

In exchange for the party continuing with her and guarding her wagon, Sten offered each member of the party a 100gp credit at her store, Sten’s Emporium, in Barrow’s Edge. On the way to Barrow’s Edge, walking alongside the wagon, a goblin druid attacked, along with his phynxkin companion Bloodfang. The party managed to knock the druid, Glarr, and his animal companion unconscious. Glarr and Bloodfang were bound and stabilized, just as the other goblin was.

Once the party reached Barrow’s Edge, they got rooms at the Barrow’s Edge Inn, for free, courtesy of Mallie Marchess, who had sent out the call for adventurers. The party then found out that the goblins near Barrow’s Edge were becoming increasingly more violent and destructive.



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