Continuation of "Scourge of the Howling Horde"

The party interrogated the two goblins that they captured in a long session. They discovered that a usurper named Noak killed their old leader, drove the clan shaman out of the clan’s domicile, and took over. They also learned that Noak’s second-in-command was a hobgoblin named Darax who took over day-to-day happenings for their clan.

The goblins, Murgh and Glarr, told the party that they would gladly undertake a mission to find Urtarr, their missing shaman. They wanted Urtarr back, because Noak and Darax were slowly but surely destroying the Howling Horde. Murgh and Glarr took Bloodfang and went off to find Urtarr, after telling the party how to get to the Horde’s caves and drawing them a map of the first few rooms in the cavern system.

The party hastened to the Howling Caves and killed the goblin guards and their attack dog at the front “gate” room rather quickly. They stashed their newly garnered loot in an alcove off to one side of the room, so they’d be able to carry off the stuff that they got from other, future enemies’ corpses. Once that was settled, they went into the next room, took care of the four goblins who were sitting playing cards.

The group came to a three-way intersection and took the right-hand corridor. That led to a massive double-door painted with the words “Big Bronk”. Big Bronk was a massive varag, a lupine goblinoid. As the party entered his chamber, he stood up, his steel shield strapped to his arm with his name freshly painted on it with bright green paint. He leapt into battle, but did poorly on the initiative roll. Several good hits from the party, including a massive critical by Naethanyl, took Bronk down extremely quickly. I was hoping for it to be a dramatic, difficult fight, but they quickly put an unfortunate end to my villain.

My party found the secret door to in Bronk’s chamber with not much of a problem, and quickly made their way through that into the goblin common room.

So ends this recap of more first few sessions.



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